This is your it for play!

Turn your celebration into action for infants, children and teens experiencing homelessness. Here's what to do:

1. Pledge your birthday

Click the "Pledge Your Birthday" button and set up your fundraising page. Post a picture of yourself and tell the world why you think gifting your birthday for play is important to you. Here's a Birthday Took Kit to help you set up and launch your campaign.

2. Launch your campaign

Once your fundraising page is done, tell your friends that instead of birthday gifts, you want to help raise funds to give safe and fun playtime to children and teens experiencing homelessness.

3. Give the gift of play

The money you raise will provide healthy snacks, field trips, and fun activities for children and teens living in temporary housing. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on what we're up to.

- The Playtime Team


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